Skin Care for Autumn

 Skin Care Autumn : (Homemade care)

We are entering my favourite time of year….Autumn and Winter. I love the autumnal colours, the fashion, the dark nights, frosty mornings and above all else…………my cosy PJ’s!!! (don’t pretend you all don’t wear them). Don’t get me wrong I like the sunshine (what we actually see of it) but there is just something about the winter months that makes me feel really comfortable.  The only down side to this time of year is the effect it can have on my skin.

Skin changes all the time dependant on numerous factors including the weather. Autumn/Winter tends to render my skin dry as the proverbial stick. The ice-cold winds and central heating just seem to suck every ounce of moisture from my face and I inevitably experience the post face wash tightness followed by dry patches and ultimately sloughing off of my face (it ain’t pretty).  At the moment I am pretty happy with my skin. I’ve had a couple of hormonal break outs but generally it’s not too oily and not too dry. Now, in my last skin care post I was using Sunday Riley cleanser, treatment and oils and found my skin responded really positively to those, but, as I said, skin changes and although the cleanse, tone, moisturise routine remains the same, the products may need to be altered to meet the needs of your skin.

In the moment I cleanse with my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish or Emma Hardie Maringa Cleansing Balm, I then tone my skin with either Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic or La Roche Posay Serozinc. Up until maybe 4 weeks ago I would then apply my Sunday Riley Good Genes but I have now cut that down to maybe 2-3 times a week and on the opposite days I am using my Christian Dior Hydralife Pro Youth Sorbet Essence for extra hydration. Similarly, up until 4 weeks ago I would apply Sunday Riley Juno Oil daily and Luna Oil at night but now that my skin is starting to change I have cut those back to 2-3 times a week also. I am instead, using Dior Hydralife Pro Youth Silk Crème at present but come the really cold winter months I have no doubt I will need the richness of my Crème de la Mer Moisturising Cream.

Due to the likelihood of dry skin during the winter I up my exfoliating routine from 2 times a week to 3 or even 4 times. I have recently purchased Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting BHA liquid which is basically a liquid exfoliant as it contains Salicyclic Acid. This is really impressing me as it also calms down inflammation as well as ridding me of dead skin cells. I just have to dab a few drops onto a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face and the dry, dead skin just disappears. I have also found a new Cleansing Oil for using to take off my make up. Bare Minerals Mineralixirs is actually magic. 2 cotton pads with 1 pump of the oil on each pad and all eye make up is removed and a further 2 pumps covers the face. I don’t even need to moisturise after using this as it leaves my skin looking really healthy.

At least……lips. Do not neglect those little beauties when the winter is approaching as they can get so dry and sore and nobody wants a kiss under the mistletoe from the chapped lip horror. To be honest any balm will do the job but as well as the PawPaw balm in the picture, my favourites are Carmex and Blistex Cream.

So get cracking with the Autumn / Winter skin prep and hopefully it will prevent any damage in the longterm. As an extra tip remember to continue to apply an SPF to the face as although the sun is not worth worshiping, it is still there behind the clouds and can cause real harm to your skin. I will be back on Friday with a review of my recent make up purchases so see you then.