Skin care tips for Monsoon

Skin care tips in Monsoon: (Homemade care)

During the monsoon you need to pay attention to your skin as it can react to humidity and dampness present in the atmosphere. If you suddenly notice oily skin and acne blast on your face, then don’t worry. Just try our range of monsoon beauty homemade face packs shared by Dr. Sandeep Suttar – Hair Restoration and Skin Rejuvenation surgeon at Hairrevive, Mumbai

Special Top 10 skin care of Monsoon---
While the showers of first rain may bring joy, it can also give rise to various health problems like viral fever, leptospirosis, allergies and other rain problems.This season go an extra mile to keep the germs and bacteria away. Dr. Shilpa Mittal - Nutritionist, Diet Consultant and Founder of Nutrilife Health Management, Mumbai shares simple tips to enjoy this rainy season in a healthy way.

• This monsoon drink only filtered and boiled water, within 24 hours of boiling. In order to keep germ attack at bay, drink lots of herbal tea like ginger tea, lemon tea etc. If you are not a tea person, then prefer hot vegetable soup this monsoon.

• Pay special attention before consuming any fruits and vegetables, especially leafy vegetables, because they play host to many larvae, dust and worms. To get rid of all these bacteria’s, run them under water. The other best option available is to stem them Soaking the greens in salt water for about 10 minutes can help remove insects.

• This monsoon, cook your food thoroughly. Eating raw or uncooked foods means you are inviting trouble for yourself.

• Instead of garam-garam bhajjiyas, try freshly cooked or freshly cut fruits and vegetables.

• Moderation is the key, during all season especially during monsoons as the body finds it harder to digest food quickly. In order to enhance your digestion, consume foods like garlic, pepper, ginger, turmeric and coriander.

• Non-veg lovers please prefer light meals like soups and stews rather than heavy non-veg dishes.

• Though it’s difficult to resist the street food during monsoon, but stay as far as possible away from all that, as they can be filled with various germ causing diseases.

• Avoid eating stale or leftover food.

• Clean and thoroughly wash your chopping board before using them. Wash your hands before handling food, after eating food, after visiting the toilet. Maintain good personal hygiene.

• Use insect repellents, disinfectants and take proper precautions to stay away from mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches termites etc. Use neem camphor or cloves; to minimize the presence of mosquitoes.

Eat healthy to be hale and hearty this monsoon!