Skin care Spring some routine

Some spring skin care routine :
  The first thing to do is spring-clean your skincare products. Check expiry dates and throw out any cleansers, moisturizers or makeup that are out of date, appear dried out or have a funky smell. It’s a great time of year to try a new product as you clear out last year’s collection. Make checking the expiry dates on your products part of your skin care routine and avoid a bad reaction to expired products.
    Clean all your makeup brushes! Although giving your brushes a quick rinse or wipe down after every use is usually all the time that most of us can afford to spend, it’s still important to give your brushes a deep clean every so often.
    To shed the dead skin cells winter left behind, exfoliation is essential. Racinne’s Ultimate Hydra Perfection Gentle Refining Scrub will rid your face of winter’s stubborn dry skin leaving you glowing. This product is perfect if the skin is a combination of dehydrated and oily as even oily skin can be dehydrated when there is not enough moisture. When dehydrated, skin often feels rough or tight with patchy or peeling skin. Begin by using the Refining Scrub twice a week and increase as desired.

    Winter moisturizers can be heavy. Warmer temperatures generally cause an increase in oily skin so choose to lighten up on your moisturizer. Racinne’s Ultimate Hydra Perfection Optimal Fortifying Emulsion is a lightweight hydrating formula we recommend for spring. It protects the skin’s moisture barrier protecting the next layer of fresher looking skin, and your complexion revitalized.
    It’s important to protect your skin year round with a sunscreen, especially as spring turns to summer.. As your skin’s exposure to the sun increases so must your protection from UVA/UVB rays using SPF. Mixing sunscreen into your moisturizer is crucial and when the sun is out, a hat or sunglasses for added protection doesn’t hurt!

    Transitioning your skin care routine from winter to spring isn’t the only change to consider as the days get longer and warmer. You can improve your overall health by increasing the numbers of fresh fruits and vegetables readily available throughout spring months. The brighter and more colorful the better. Raw fruits and vegetables are bursting with skin-protective antioxidants and have high water content, keeping skin hydrated and building resistance to daily damages like sun exposure and fluctuating air temperatures.